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Great Wall of China

Hey! I am Penny, an adventurer from New Zealand, currently based in Berlin.

Traveling the world, attempting to leave only footsteps, smiles, colour, honesty, integrity and social good.

Sunsets, nature, writing, ideas worth spreading, taking a stance and sharing positive energy

Continuously work for positive social change
Travel to every continent
Part-time freelance photographer and writer


What is Livetravelgrow? Livetravelgrow is about sharing thoughts, stories and ideas, connecting people, and exploring the world around us both near and far. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone and developing yourself. I write about my experiences exploring the world, and my journey through mental health. Have a flick through and find something you like. Gaze the photos and posts to find inspiration, tips, and ideas for your own life and world exploration.
Remember to be kind to everyone, everyone fights a secret battle.


Live is about life (obviously). It incorporates everything we do, think, feel, and see, and is about living life honestly.. There will be thoughts and opinions, activities to try, ideas, and anything else that comes to mind!


Locations, countries, inspiration, photos, tips and ideas. Travel is my number one passion. Take a look for inspiration, there are always more countries to be added.


Personal development and mental health. Anything from tips to remember to feed your cat in the morning to how to deal with a panic attack. Here are some stories, some strategies, and hopefully a step in the path to reducing stigmas surrounding mental health .

If you have a personal story about mental health that could be inspiring and encouraging to others and would like it posted, email it to livetravelgrowblog@gmail.com. Be truthful. Submissions will be posted anonymously.