3 Years on a Page – 1 Amazing Gift Idea


We all have experienced the tedium and embarrassment of keeping a diary at some stage of our life, as well as the regret of not having kept one. This regret usually comes years after traveling, when memories start to fade and photos become a truer impression than the experience. When you’re on the road for a long period of time (as in, a year or so), keeping a diary goes from being an exciting project in the short term, to tedious in the long-run. This all, of course, turns into regret for not

But fear not, for there is a solution!

And it is easy, simple, compact, and perfectly suited to the casual writer like myself. The plus side? You can see 3 YEARS worth of sentences on each page. The true rewards come when you get to read, remember and relive what you wrote on each date the year previous.

I present to you: The Lazy Writer’s Journal! AKA “The Highlight of My Day”

Yes, the highlight of my day is often food related (that Turkish style eggplant truly is incredible though ;))

It truly is one sentence a day. 20 seconds. I promise.
This gift is an amazing idea for the time poor, resource constraint (I refer to internet/laptops etc) or simply “I could be exploring right now” writers like myself.
It has changed the way I record, and the way I experience reliving every day for 3 consecutive years (only the highlights, of course!) Even if you forget for a couple of days, it is still the perfect compromise and easy to jump back to to fill in.

Your friends will thank you in the years to come. Easy to make one yourself, also.

I have this beautiful little diary by my bedside, reminding me of cool things I did with friends, special moments, the way a song made me feel etc. etc.

And an end note:
For connectivity and resource reasons, this year I am going to write to you as if I were traveling currently. I.e., I am going to write in my diary every day and therefore see the previous year’s sentence for that date. And viola, a stable internet connection, reliving experiences and posts emerge! A constant hassle last year while traveling on such a budget. So this year, here we go. All with the help of my little, simple diary.

Happy Traveling 🙂



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