8 Reasons To Travel in 2016.

I imagine most of you reading this are dreaming up, planning, or even preparing to go to a travel destination. Maybe it’s an island to relax, maybe it’s a country you have never been to, maybe it’s to a different town or city where you live, or maybe you are thinking about moving to another place. If you are like me, you reaaaaally want to go somewhere and you sit there thinking of the reasons to go and reasons not to go. In the past, the reasons not to go always outweighed reasons to go, because I was too worried about money or missing out on something. If you are thinking of going somewhere, I encourage you to work towards this goal as soon as you can, and GO. Here are some reasons to why you should travel!


You can travel cheaply.

Travel doesn’t always have to be expensive; there are things you can do to make your trip easier and cheaper for you. Maybe you know someone living in the place you want to go to. Why not ask to stay with them, or pay them a much cheaper cost than you would have to pay for a hotel? Another bonus of this is that they can show you cool places to visit and see. There are sites you can visit and sign up to that can also make travelling cheap. Couch Surfing is a website you can join up to where you can connect with people in all sorts of places and stay on their couch for free. Another great website is Work Away where you can work in exchange for free accommodation, and sometimes food. This way you can get work experience while travelling too.


Tramping just before Christmas on the Heaphy Track, on the West Coast of New Zealand. We stayed in a tent which made it much cheaper!



Travel means experience. You experience a new place, a new culture, maybe a new language, different food, new opportunities. All of these things help us to grow and gain cultural awareness and self awareness. Putting down where you have traveled on your CV for when you apply for jobs might be just the thing you need to make you stand out against other applicants. Travelling shows your ability to be open to new contexts and situations, and an ability to live alongside other cultures.

Learning from a local in Bali.


You will learn a lot about yourself.

Travel, especially if traveling alone, will teach you a lot about yourself. You will learn how to rely on yourself, trust yourself, and can often get you thinking about what you want and what is important to you. You might learn what stresses you, how you cope in unfamiliar situations, and where you would like to travel to in the future.

Traveling gives you time to escape and think, sometimes without distractions.


No one will judge you.

This might sound silly, but if you are traveling somewhere, the people you come across may be people you never see again. Keep in mind you need to be sensitive to customs and rules in different places that could vary from what you are used too, but you can bring out those crazy dance moves in a bar or pub that you would never be confident to do somewhere at home. You might have more confidence to do things you normally wouldn’t… like pretend to be a snail by a snail sign with your tramping pack on…

Yes… this is me being a snail.


It might be the best time to go.

Life changes, we get older and things happen. Things come up, we go through different phases and before you know it you might be too old or busy to do the things you’re dreaming of now. Financially it might not be the best time, but think of the experience, knowledge and skills you will gain. In reality, no time is going to be the perfect time to go, so go when you can!


You can go with people.

Travel doesn’t have to be something you do alone. You could go with your partner, your family, your friends, or maybe your pet (if you want to pay for them to be flown over there, too…?).



You can do a tour.

If you’re like me and geographically challenged, sometimes it’s better to leave it up to someone else to get you around while on your travels. Going on a Contiki is a great way to meet people and does not take much planning, other than sorting your flights to the starting destination and deciding where to go.


Why not?

This is a genuine question I challenge you to ask yourself. What is making you hesitate? Why are you putting it off? What is the worst that can happen? This is easier said than done, but you can achieve anything if you work hard and want it. If you want to travel, you can.




Go and explore this beautiful world we live in while you can. If you can dream it, you can do it.


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