9 Reasons To Love Christmas

I will not deny the fact that I love Christmas… actually, I love the whole month of December. I find myself counting down the days to when it is socially acceptable to get into the spirit of Christmas.  So… here are the reasons why I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

1. You get to put up and decorate the Christmas tree.

When I was a kid, the whole family would get involved and put the Christmas tree up, but now I am the only one in the house to do it. But hey, I am OK with that! Decorating the tree takes time and effort; it feels great to look at the finished product. Dayummm Christmas tree you are fiiiine!

Not my best work, but it is one good looking Christmas tree!

2. Christmas songs are socially acceptable to listen to (mostly).

I get it, some people simply cannot stand Christmas songs. Me? I would be lying if I said I did not listen to All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey at least a handful of times (very rough underestimate) throughout the year. Christmas songs are great and as soon as December hits I openly play and sing them out loud, as opposed to secretly through my headphones. I listen to Christmas songs in the shower, while putting the tree up, while looking at the tree that I just put up, while lying in bed, in the car, in my parent’s car… OK they just become a part of my daily life during December.

My Christmas playlist… yes I have different versions of the same songs.

3. Christmas advent calendars!

12348583_10153304641580886_1856494387_n (1)

Yes I am 22 years old and yes this is my advent calendar! I almost did not get one this year because I thought “I AM TOO OLD FOR THIS”, but my best friend got me one. There is no such thing as too old for a chocolate advent calendar. Who doesn’t enjoy opening a window of joy each day leading up to Christmas?!

4. Why just have a tree when you can decorate the whole house?!

My family loves Christmas, and I swear my mum has over a hundred ornaments and toys and goodies to put around the house for the month of December. I actually brought a Santa toilet seat cover this year, but we took it off after a few days because it is a bit unhygienic when you think about it.


5. Christmas books and movies.

Christmas movies generally involve themes of love, happiness, family, and well… Christmas. They make you feel good, they get you excited for Christmas, and you can watch them with those close to you. I am sure most people remember how good the Home Alone movies were growing up. Christmas books are filled with beautiful illustrations showing the magic of Christmas. I brought the book below the other day; I said it was to read to children I know, but in reality I will probably read it multiple times in bed to myself.


6. Giving.

Christmas is a time for giving. I absolutely love watching people open the gifts I have picked out or made for them and seeing their reactions. I definitely prefer giving gifts than receiving at Christmas… sometimes I almost feel awkward getting presents. Christmas can be an expensive time, but it doesn’t have to be! Why not be creative and make something for someone, like a bracelet, or simply tell them how much they mean to you?


7. Family and friends.

Need I say more? Having a day to truly appreciate what you have and who you have is pretty special.

8. You can donate to those less fortunate.

Some of us are very lucky in that we even get to celebrate Christmas, receive and give gifts, and spend the time with loved ones. I would encourage you donate clothes and things you don’t need to clothing bins or organisations that will donate these things to children and families without. At some places you can actually buy gifts and put them under a tree to be donated to people who need them. What might be an old toy to you might be the best Christmas gift a child has ever received.

9. I almost forgot to mention…. FOOD.

How good is Christmas food!? Even the thought of Christmas dinner gets my mouth watering. Also, I love Christmas time because it means I have an excuse to do Christmas baking.

Some of the cute cupcakes I made last year.

Well, that sums up my (very condensed) list of reasons to love Christmas! I hope you have a great holiday wherever you are in the world. Feel free to comment below how you celebrate Christmas and why you love it!



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