7 Reasons To Run.

Now I know a lot of you probably saw this title and felt sick, laughed, or thought ew, but I used to think that too, so hear me out. I used to hate running (I honestly could not think of anything worse) but now I run a lot and I couldn’t imagine my life without it. So, here are reasons why you should put on some sneakers, and get out there!

1.It reduces stress.

If I am stressed, anxious, or worried, a run distracts me from these feelings. When I run, I am focused on the surroundings and it is an escape. When I get home from a run, I have a clear head and feel less stressed.

2. You progress fast.

Running might seem hard, but you get better so fast! Start with a run to the end of your street, and maybe run an extra 100m or 1km each week. You will be surprised with how much further you can run in a short amount of time. The feeling of a faster or further run is amazing! I started off being able to run a short distance, and before I knew it I signed up and completed my first half marathon. If I can, you can.

3. You can listen to music.

If you’re like me and love to listen to music, running is the perfect exercise to be able to plug your headphones in and go. Also, it makes running less painful; trust me on this. When you are listening to music it is easier to distract yourself from the pain in your legs and the distance you have left. There is also music out there which helps you set a pace and motivates you. One of my personal favourite songs to run to is “Work B**ch” by Britney Spears because the beat is great and the words make you want to push yourself harder.

4. The views can be amazing.

I struggle to run on a treadmill. I do like treadmills because you can change the speed… but apart from that I struggle to run straight, almost always drop my iPod or sweat towel onto it (it then goes flying off the back) and there are many times I have almost fallen off. So, I love running outdoors. There are so many amazing tracks you can take, hills and parks you can run with amazing views. Maybe aim to run to a viewpoint and have the view as a reward.

5. You can run with others.

Running does not have to be a solo activity. Run with your dog. Run with your… cat..? Ok maybe not. But run with your friends, your family, or yourself if you want. Running with others can increase your motivation. If I make a plan to run with someone, the chances of me deciding to cancel my run are a lot less. Plus running with someone means you can talk.

6. You feel like a total badass when you finish your run.

I can’t describe how great it feels to complete a run! When I finish a run I feel like I have accomplished something, I feel productive, I feel healthy, I feel good about myself and my body, and I feel energised.

7. It’s free!

Wow. Shocking I know. Ok but seriously, running does not cost a thing. You can run anywhere you want and you don’t need a gym membership. Who doesn’t like free stuff, right?! If you want to do some events, then they usually cost but these can be great goals to achieve, such as a marathon, a 10km, or a 5km event.


So… did I convince you to go for a run!? Maybe, or maybe not. But seriously, from personal experience running has increased my confidence, my fitness, my self-esteem, and I have achieved things with running I never thought possible. Even if you run to the letterbox and back that is an awesome start. There is a beautiful world out there you can explore and enjoy on your own two feet, so put on some shoes and get out there!


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