My Story: Rubber Ducks and Mental Health Fundraising

One of Guy's events along John Creek's Trail, Lake Hawea
One of Guy’s events along John Creek’s Trail, Lake Hawea
Hello, my name is Guy McCone, I am 36 years old, happily married with one amazingly beautiful 6 month old daughter. I too have experienced depression along with anxiety through out my life and have a story to tell.

A while back I started my own wee project called “Team Rubber DUCK Racing,” it’s aim is to raise awareness around mental health and a little bit of money for mental health initiatives in NZ.

From a young age I have suffered from the effects of depression and anxiety. This all came to ahead in 2004 when I blew to bits and, to put it bluntly, “shit the bed.” I lost all of my confidence, shifted home to live with my parents and had to leave my job. Through hard work, the support of my awesome family and a great councilor I returned to normal life.

Then after shifting to the Hawkes Bay in 2011 my dear friend returned. I wasn’t able to shake it on my own and after 2 years something had to be done! Eventually it was my inspirational mum Gill who took action and basically kicked my arse! I didn’t want to do counselling again so I tried a new and slightly alternative therapy called the Lightening Process. My sister Anna had used this successfully to treat post concussion syndrome so I thought it was worth a crack. The Lightning Process, put very basically, is a way to re-train the brain and look at things
After completing the training course in mid November 2014 I re-evaluated my goals.
Two of them where to “complete a major multisport event each year” and “organize and complete a fundraising event for mental health”. Then I got creative and combined the two and “TEAM RUBBER DUCK RACING” was born!

The idea is that I complete running/multisport events throughout the year and people donate money for me completing them with the funds going to mental health initiatives throughout New Zealand. I want it to be an ongoing thing for the rest of my life! You are also more than welcome to challenge me to do something in exchange for donations, anything considered! Check it out!

Rubber Duck Racing

Guy shares great articles about mental health on his page Team Rubber DUCK Racing as well as his great progress.
We love your work Guy!

If you have a personal story about mental health that could be inspiring and encouraging to others and would like it posted (named or anonymous), email it to Submissions will be reviewed before publishing.


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