Our Philosophy – Livetravelgrow

Let us tell you all about it. It’s a personal philosophy, one that incorporates what we try to live by into one extra cheesy catchphrase.

Everyone lives life a little differently, and for us, it’s about connecting to people, honestly. Finding out what people are passionate about, what they think, their funny ideas and values, where they’ve been and what they are into…. as well as the raw stuff like their failures (because life happens to everyone and let’s be honest about it – it’s not always peachy!). It’s also about getting out there and learning, trying new things, things that make you happy! Sharing ideas and thoughts helps open up your world to different views, and this we love. 

Exploring at Taylor's Mistake.
Appreciating life with a beautiful view

You may relate to this passion, the daydreaming and scheming, spending hours procrastinating thinking of exotic dishes or looking at flight prices. Imagining a place you would rather be, and setting realistic goals of getting there. What we love about travelling is seeing amazing places like the Amazon, the Great Wall, or hiking to glaciers. There is a whole world out there to explore and what is better than learning about it and its people first-hand? We are guilty at times it is true, that what people tend to take for granted is their backyard – we love getting out and exploring our beautiful New Zealand also. Travelling means you get to engage with cultures that think differently to yours and see different ways of living, hence broadening your mind. With travel comes many valuable experiences such as relationships, languages, problem solving, planning, or perhaps simply learning to be a bit more spontaneous! 🙂

Travel - Carribean
Being silly in Colombia’s share of the Carribean

Life shapes us to be the people we are. Everyone has a story, people are dealt different hands and we believe in living life honestly. Life chucks us opportunities in both beautiful and ugly forms, and it is up to us to decide how to respond to them. What could be better than responding to an experience positively and growing as a person? Flaws are not failures, they are opportunities to grow, to gain deeper understanding, and come out better the other side. We believe in empathy, compassion and mistakes (because we sure make a lot of them at times!). People who try to work on themselves and be better for themselves and the people around them are very respected to us, no matter what their background, because admitting imperfections can be hard. Remember to be kind to yourself folks, you deserve a happy life; we hope that one day you can truly see the beauty you hold, and all the great things you can offer in this world.

Go further, climb higher
Go further, climb higher

Livetravelgrow team


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